Discover a world of opportunities with Women Leadership Hub. Unleash your potential through our unique Dynamic Leadership Program, designed to equip women with resilience and skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

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Partner with us in strategic alliances as we work together to close the gender gap in leadership and accelerate success. Seize the chance to make a meaningful impact with WLH – where leadership knows no bounds.

Dynamic Leadership program

Living in a world of constant disruption and uncertainty calls for effective leaders with self-awareness, resilience, and strong ethics. The WLH Dynamic Leadership Program (DLP) focuses on developing resilient women leaders who apply dynamic leadership principles to navigate disruption and drive positive change in organizations and personal lives. The program utilizes a unique methodology based on years of organizational transformation experience, emphasizing trust-building, positive influence, and effective management. DLP is versatile and can be equally applied to develop women leaders from diverse industries, environements and levels of seniority and leadership teams to enhance team spirit, trust, collaboration, and effectiveness.

The 3-day experiential resident program accommodates up to 15 participants and can be held worldwide with suitable partners for workshop facilities and accommodation.

WLH Network

The WLH Network is an international professional network designed by and for women, providing a safe virtual space for learning, networking, and growth in leadership skills. Our mission is to accelerate women's leadership success by helping them overcome self-limiting beliefs, build personal networks, and embrace new challenges. The network aims to facilitate learning, deep understanding of successful leadership in a disruptive world, and the sharing of experiences for mutual inspiration and support. Established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the WLH Network has been highly valuable to its members and can be readily restarted with its strong foundations and positive feedback. It has consistently hosted monthly networking sessions featuring thought leaders and inspirational speakers addressing critical challenges faced by women leaders. Themes have covered leadership and sustainability, networking strategies, well-being, self-confidence, and the transformative power of people in organizations.


WLH and its Founders engage in mentoring for women leaders, women aspiring to be leaders and students offering both project-based and individual mentorship. They also promote awareness of mentoring's power in various career stages through speeches and workshops. An example is WLH's involvement in the Women in Science (WiS) Sweden.  Mentoring project, providing an online two-stage workshop on dynamic leadership. Additionally, WLH founders frequently speak at events and conferences, championing increased female senior leadership and inspiring women's leadership aspirations.

Leadership Development for students

We empower female university students, PhD candidates, and soon-to-be graduates to understand and embrace leadership early on. Partnering with universities and student associations, we provide insights into leadership, self-awareness, networking, and seizing leadership opportunities. Building self-awareness and understanding values and boundaries are foundational. We encourage authenticity, network building, and daring to take on leadership roles. Notably, we've successfully delivered Dynamic Leadership Program in collaboration with NGOs, impacting students and mentors positively. Our partnerships span various fields of study, emphasizing STEM, Medicine, Business, and Law.

Executive Advisory Services

WLH offers tailored Leadership and Organizational Development Programs and Executive Advisory Services. These services aim to enhance collaboration, identify strengths and challenges, and improve team dynamics to build trust and positively impact the organization and its culture. We help leaders and organizations build resilience and prepare for constant change. WLH supports Leadership Teams in diagnosing and addressing factors that affect cohesion, innovation, and growth. Our goal is to unlock the team's full potential through a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

Strategic partnerships & collaborations

At WLH, we believe in creating a real impact by closing the gender gap in leadership through partnerships with like-minded organizations that share our vision and values. We actively seek strategic collaborations, exemplified by our partnerships with Women for Education in Kenya and the Female Network at Gothenburg University. We also engage with Karolinska Institutet, contributing to their Empower & Lead Conference, aimed at students interested in business and leadership within Stockholm's universities. These collaborations align with our mission to foster future women leaders.


It’s up to us women to help each other achieve our goals! WLH is a community of diverse and development-minded women eager to contribute to each other’s success. We're a safe space to share common experiences—all without judgement.